Expert Media Solutions July 2, 2019

An adroit mixture of everyday settings and extraordinary events.
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The world of business and finance gets skewered, as Bottom Liners tackles subjects such as foreign takeovers, office policies, getting a raise, and the fast-paced world of Wall Street.
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The off-the-wall humor of Off the Mark puts a refreshing spin on the things we see every day ... from your favorite icons to your least favorite trends, from commercials to pets to computers. Slightly skewed and just a little twisted, Off the Mark scores a bull's eye with readers looking for a laugh.
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In today's complex world of family issues, Focus on the Family provides grounded, practical advice for those dealing with family problems.
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A whimsical, slice-of-life view into life's fool-hardy moments.
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The Way I See It

When the Sun Rises

I really enjoyed this short, but sweet, comparison about a deer and a lion, and I hope you like it, too:

Every morning in Africa, when the sun rises, a deer awakens, knowing it has to outrun the fastest lion or be hunted to death.

Every morning in Africa, when the sun rises, a lion awakens, knowing it has to outrun the slowest deer or be starved to death.

Here’s the way I see it: It does not matter whether you are the deer or the lion. When the sun rises, you’d better be running at your best. And remember, our print shop can help your business look its best in print every day. Let us know how we can help!

Idea of the Week
Maximize Your Print Mailing with a Well-Written Cover Letter


Whether you’re sending direct mail or proposing a new business partnership, your presentation is always significant. Including a cover letter with your printed pieces is a compelling way to make connections, distinguish your team from the competition, or give a formal introduction for your skills and services.

Business cover letters can accompany other print marketing pieces in your mailing, acting as a greeting, a sales pitch, and a “next steps” proposition. Here are some tips to help you outline, style, and sharpen your next letter:

1. Opening

Promise a benefit in the headline or first paragraph and lead with your strongest sales point.

2. Supporting paragraphs

Expound on your most important advantage and tell readers what they will specifically receive as a benefit of your services.

3. Supplemental evidence

Back your statements with statistics, examples, endorsements, or testimonials.

4. Call to action

Tell the reader what is lost if he/she doesn’t act. Rephrase the benefits in a closing offer that incites action (i.e., deadlines, limited time offers, act-now incentives).

5. Closing

Rephrase the benefits and state your ideal outcome or objective. Reference any enclosed documents/resources and communicate a positive plan of action in a summary statement like this:

“Please review the enclosed proposal, try out the loan estimator on our website, or call me at ____ with questions. You’re welcome to contact me at your earliest convenience, or I’ll plan to follow up with you on Wednesday, May 1.”

Polish your presentation with these style guidelines:

  • Start with a short opening paragraph (four lines or less). Additional paragraphs should be shorter than eight sentences. Close your letter with a 2-3 sentence summary.

  • Avoid generic salutations like, “to whom it may concern.” Use the name or title of the decision maker you’re trying to reach and thank them for the opportunity to share.

  • Use deep indents and bullet points for clarity. Boldface key points or call-to-action statements to make your offer stand out on the page.

  • Use professional letterhead, weighted paper, or custom color envelopes for extra impact.

Add Dimension to Your Delivery


Well-written letters are an effective marketing supplement! Add a cover letter to your next print mailing to forge a personal connection and to produce a prompt, profitable response.

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Marketing Tip
Social Media Acronyms

Here are a few popular social media acronyms that can help you better communicate with your team and your audience:

  • DM: A Direct Message is a private, one-on-one message that is visible only to the individuals exchanging messages.

  • PM: A Private Message is similar to a direct message. When someone asks you to PM them, they’d like to have a private conversation.

  • RT: Retweet means publishing someone else’s Tweet to your own feed, and should be accompanied by the user’s handle for attribution.

  • MT: Tweets that begin with MT (Modified Tweet) indicate that a retweeted message was modified for brevity or other reasons.

  • AMA: Ask Me Anything refers to a social question and answer sessions to chat with an audience.

  • BRB: Be Right Back is an oldie, but still relevant in social media.

  • DYK: Did You Know is a fun way to offer a fun fact.

  • BTS: A popular acronym when offering a Behind the Scenes look at your brand or organization.

  • FTW: For the Win can be used to express enthusiasm around an achievement, and can also be used with a humorous post.

  • ICYMI: In Case You Missed It can be a fun way to recap or reiterate content or announcements.

If you’d like ideas for fun ways to communicate with print, we’d love to help! And remember other printers may be nearby, but nobody comes close!

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Uncommon Product
Custom Window Envelopes

Custom window envelopes are a great way not only to ensure your envelope gets noticed in a pile of mail but also ensure your envelope gets opened.

Window envelopes can be customized to meet the needs of any document or mailing. Whether you want to increase the visibility of inserts, grab attention with an unusual window shape, or create an oversized window that allows your imagery to shine through, we can help you create the perfect envelope for any need. Envelopes can also be designed with a full view window or multiple windows on the front or back to demand extra attention.

If you’d like help designing the perfect custom window envelope for your next project, stop by or give us a call today!

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Tech Tip
Easy Budgeting Help

Budgeting apps can be a helpful way to keep finances under control. Here are a few financial tools to consider:

  • Mint is a free, effortless way to manage money in one place. It can help users track their spending, pay bills, save toward goals, and get alerts when they go over budget.

  • You Need a Budget (YNAB) helps users break the paycheck to paycheck cycle and get out of debt. Users create a budget based on their income, giving every dollar a purpose in their budget, ranging from living expenses and debt payments to savings and investments. By accounting for every dollar, users are forced to think about how they spend their money.

  • Spendee is popular for visual learners and features attractive charts and infographics. No account is required, and users can connect bank accounts or track spending manually.

  • PocketGuard can help prevent users from spending too much. It tracks how much users are earning, putting toward recurring bills, spending on everyday expenses, and depositing into their savings account.

  • NerdWallet not only helps users manage their personal finances, but also maximize credit card rewards, earn extra cash back, track their credit score, and make budgeting easier.

If you need creative print ideas that will easily fit within your marketing budget, our print experts would love to help! Give us a call today.

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